Denmark > Copenhagen > Advanced 2-Days to Deepen Retreat with Genpo Roshi

Event Details

This event is open to 12 people who are invited by Roshi, or who apply and have already attended events with Roshi.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to work intensively for two full days with Roshi and only eleven other people. This is the most intensive and effective way, besides a Big Heart Retreat, for you to work with Roshi, and for him to transmit his 45 years of Zen teaching to you. Take this occasion, as other people have in the past, to turn your practice around and deepen your understanding of life, transforming your personal life and career, as well as your spiritual practice.

Early-bird discount available until March 26, 2018.
For more information about lodging and suggested donation, contact Mary Ellen by e-mail,  or call  +1-801-503-5656.
To register, e-mail or call +1-801-328-8414.
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