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“The tradition of Zen is to go beyond the tradition of Zen. Nevertheless, we still cling to our notions and ideas of what Zen is, or was, or should be. I spent years identifying myself with the tradition I inherited from my great master Maezumi Roshi, swallowing the whole fish, and then many more years working on spitting out the bones while retaining the essence in a form that is vital and relevant for our generation and culture.” – Genpo Roshi

Genpo Roshi in Copenhagen
Genpo Roshi in Copenhagen

“Zen and Beyond”

Genpo Roshi’s teaching is rooted in a profound understanding of traditional Zen and meditation, as he has practiced and trained thousands of people for over 45 years.  Roshi has continuously explored new ways to integrate wisdom and insight from both Eastern and Western traditions in our daily lives, and this evening you will get a taste of his deep insight.

Wednesday, May 23, for all who are interested. The door opens at 19:00 and a cup of tea will be served before starting, so come in time. The talk begins at 19:30.

Seating is limited so prompt registration is advisable.

By payment before April 23: 240 kr. ;  after April 23: 320 kr.
Deposit on mobilepay to 21787, which is valid for registration.

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