Denmark > Copenhagen > 3-Day Big Heart Retreat with Genpo Roshi

Event Details

* Open to 7 people *

This is a unique opportunity to work closely with Genpo Roshi in a very small group with no more than six others.  There will be four hours a day of teaching and Big Mind, and additional time for meditation to reflect on and integrate the experiences and insights gained in working with Roshi.

These retreats are the principle means of raising funds to support Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind/Big Heart work throughout the world, and his way of giving back in gratitude and appreciation to those who are able to contribute so generously to sponsor his work. Your donations go to Big Mind, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity, and have enabled it to expand live and virtual teaching programs, provide scholarships for qualified students to participate in Big Mind/Big Heart trainings, and lower the prices of our books, DVDs, web content and live Big Mind events so that more people can benefit from Genpo Roshi’s work.

Registrants will receive a copy of the hardcover edition of Roshi’s new book, Spitting Out the Bones, or free access to all five calls in one of Roshi’s five-part Teleconference Series.

To register for this event contact Ivis at , or call 801-328-8414.  You may make a deposit of 50% to reserve your spot with the remainder paid at the door in US currency.

For more information, contact Mary Ellen by email or call  801-503-5656.

All donations to Big Mind, Inc. are tax deductible and non-refundable.