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Update on the Zoom Video Conference scheduled for Sunday, July 22nd. Roshi is in the middle of moving to a new location in the Boulder area so the Video Conference won’t be held Sunday. Once the new day and time is determined, you’ll receive notice here and by email. Thank you so much! ❤🙏

Big Mind/Big Heart Zen

Live Video Conference Series with Genpo Roshi

What does the timeless tradition of Zen have to offer us in our time?  What does true Zen practice look like now, in our daily lives?

Join Genpo Roshi to explore these questions in real-time, face-to-face conversations in the upcoming Spring series of four 90-minute live video events, using advanced Zoom teleconferencing technology.

The starting point which participants are encouraged to read in advance, is Roshi’s recent writing on Big Mind/Big Heart Zen.

This series of video teleconferences are open to all who would like to participate.  Note that you must register in advance to obtain information for accessing the calls.  Details for accessing the video teleconference will be sent upon registration.

For more information: e-mail or call  +1-801-503-5656.
To register offline: e-mail or call +1-801-328-8414.

Register here for the complete series:

Complete Series  (4 Video Teleconferences):  $165.      

Students, low-income seniors  and unemployed:  $130.    

Sunday, March 18, 11.00 am  MT.*

Sunday, April 8, 11.00 am  MT.*

Sunday, April 22, 11.00 am  MT.*

Sunday, July 22, 11.00 am  MT.*

*  MT = Mountain Time (Salt Lake City)

All donations to Big Mind, Inc. are tax deductible and non-refundable. (opens the link in a new tab)

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