Retraite en silence animée par Roshi Amy Hollowell et ouverte à tous (des instructions seront données pour ceux qui viennent pour la première fois). La journée est organisée autour de séances de méditation, d’un enseignement dispensé par Roshi Amy (en anglais avec possibilité de tradution) et d’une période de « samu », activités d’appui au bon déroulement de la retraite (repas, rangement, etc.).
Des possibilités d’entretien individuel (en français ou anglais) avec Amy Sensei seront aussi offertes.


This silent retreat, led by Roshi Amy Hollowell, is open to all, with or without meditation experience (instructions are provided for those who need it). The retreat includes a number of meditation periods throughout the day. Amy also introduces the practice and offers teachings and private interviews with participants. There are also daily « work » periods, involving various activities that help support the functioning of the retreat and deepen the practice.


DATES: 4 to 11 August 2019

SCHEDULE: Sunday 4th, 17h00 to Sunday 11th, noon.


  • Whole: BED = 235€
  • Whole: CAMPING = 150€
  • 4 August -> 8 August (midday): BED = 140€
  • 4 August -> 8 August (midday): CAMPING = 90€
  • 8 August (midday) -> 11 August: BED = 105€
  • 8 August (midday) -> 11 August: CAMPING = 70€

**Please note, if you are not a member of Associacao Zen Flor Silvestre and this is your first retreat with us in 2019 we kindly ask that you pay +15 euro in addition to any option above to help with running costs.

VENUETenda do Encontro – Rua de Sermonde, 779, 4415-115 Sermonde (near Porto-Portugal).

To book a place please fill in this FORM (you may have issues if you use an Ipad or another tablet). Booking is only valid once proof of payment is attached before submitting. If you are coming from abroad and wish to pay at the retreat, please attach any other file. For any questions please email us:


  • Please read the page About our retreats!
  • Book early as places are limited.
  • Cost includes accommodation, food and teaching.
  • Accommodation in shared bedrooms of 2, 3, 4 or 5 beds.
  • You must bring bedsheets/sleeping bag and towels (let us know if you come from abroad and we may supply these for you if you wish).
  • We suggest you bring a throw/blanket for better comfort in the meditation room.
  • All meals are vegan.
  • For beginners: if you have never practised meditation but wish to come to this retreat, please tell us so. The retreat is open to all but we suggest total beginners practice at least once prior to coming, if possible.

Any other questions please contact us.


  • Account name: Associação Zen Flor Silvestre
  • NIB: 0035 0817 00006119730 93
  • IBAN: PT50 0035 0817 00006119730 93