Tenkei Roshi and Myoho Sensei

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Fall Interim “Falling Leaf Sesshin”

For more info and/or sign up, contact the Zen River Office at +31 (0)595 – 435039 or zenriver@zenrivertemple.org

Sesshin (lit.: to connect the mind/heart) is a silent Zen retreat, with an intensive schedule of zazen, services, dharma-talks, dokusan and samu (work practice). The format offers an excellent opportunity to really focus on practice without any distractions. And it is no secret that the heightened samadhi of the whole group stimulates participants to break through barriers of the conditioned mind faster than usual. At Zen River sesshins of 2, 5 or 7 days are held every month. In August the whole month consists of sesshins (three 5-day and one 7-day sesshin). Although beginners may prefer to start with a Zazenkai or by attending some of the daily schedule first, it is also perfectly okay to start with one of these sesshins–depending on one’s motivation. A relatively large group of participants are resident monks and members who attend sesshin regularly and their experience allows newcomers to readily trust the process and learn accordingly. Usually the following schedule is being maintained:

04:55 Wake up
05:00 Tea & Coffee
05:30 Zazen (3 periods)
07:30 Morning Service
08:00 Breakfast
09:15 Samu / work
10:45 Yoga / exercise
11:00 Tea & Coffee
11:30 Zazen & Dharma talk
12:40 Zazen
13:10 Noon Service
13:20 Lunch
15:30 Tea & Coffee
16:00 Zazen (3 periods)
17:50 Evening Service
18:00 Supper
19:30 Zazen (3 periods)
21:15 Four Vows
21:20 Tea
21:45 Lights out