Tenkei Roshi and Myoho Sensei

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Summer Training – Intro Weekend

For more info and/or sign up, contact the Zen River Office at +31 (0)595 – 435039 or zenriver@zenrivertemple.org

Held several times per year; please check the calendar of events for the upcoming Intro Weekend.

This Intro Weekend is held several times a year and is led by one of the Zen River teachers. This is an instruction course addressing the four elements of training, including posture work, a guided meditation, ritual practice, study and a discussion on the value of sangha, with lots of time for questions and answers. Perfect for newcomers to Zen River who would like to get acquainted with the style here before attending a sesshin, to meet Roshi, or just to brush up on old skills.

Intro Weekends at Zen River are usually conducted in Dutch, with some English translation if needed.

Ango Training

Summer and Winter

The training format of the traditional three-month Ango has a long history. It started at the time of the Buddha, when he and his disciples would gather together during the rainy season. In today’s Japan all monks have to participate in a number of Angos in order to receive their licenses as bona fide priests. Zen River’s year-round program includes two Angos, one in summer and one in winter. Everybody is welcome to participate for any length of time, but it is particularly powerful for those who are able to attend the whole three-month period. At the end, there is always a Hossenshiki (dharma-combat ceremony) for the head monk, and since 2010 these ceremonies have been certified officially by the Soto School.


04:55 Wake up
05:25 Shuso Kentan
05:30 Zazen
07:30 Morning Service
08:00 Breakfast, oryoki
09:30 Samu
12:50 Noon service
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Rest
16:30 Zazen
17:10 Evening Service
17:30 Exercise/study
18:00 Supper
19:30 Zazen
21:15 Four Vows
21:45 Lights out

Sunday: 11:00 Study group / 19:00 Public Service
Monday: 19:30 River of Zen continuation class
Tuesday: 16:30 Right Speech class / 19:30 Introductory class
Wednesday: 19:30 Zazen; Teisho