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Avalokitesvara is Sanskrit for Kanzeon, the Bodhisattva of many heads and arms. She is both and yet neither a he nor a she, and manifests as whatever is needed in order to liberate sentient beings from dissatisfaction and suffering.

This retreat will focus on the ways that you can raise the love and compassion of Avalokitesvara  Bodhisattva from within. There is a very strong and powerful aspect of you that is the embodiment of his/her love and compassion. In this retreat you will learn to access this in order to more fully manifest your wisdom and compassion as well as your transcendent and personal power. We will go through the Heart Sutra so you have a better and clearer understanding of this profound sutra, one of the most important texts in our Zen tradition.

Dokusan with Roshi, and Daisan with Senseis will be available for those who wish it.

Open to 15.

Early-bird discount available until Jan. 5, 2019.
Locals and active student discount also available.


To reserve and pay online for lodging at the Wasatch Conference Center ECCU, click here.  The cost is $80/night, with the option to share the room with a second person at half the rate each.

Lodging is limited and reserved only until January 1st.

For more information, Mary Ellen by email or call  801-503-5656.

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