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The Supreme Way is sitting with great faith and no goal or aim in your meditation, in a relaxed state of mind where you do not seek to obtain anything.  This is the attitude of a mind that is not attached to any objects and that seeks no personal benefit. Universal wisdom is rooted in this state of mind and it transcends dualities and limitations created by your egoistic mind.

Here, when you are in this state of mind, when you have dropped all, you will be free and happy. You no longer sit and meditate with hope of attainment for you have realized beyond a shadow of doubt that there is nothing to attain. You have flipped hope into the realization that there is no hope.

Realizing there is no escape, no liberation and no-one to be liberated, that there is no path and therefore no way to fall off the path. You will be at last free to just be who you are. When you suffer you just suffer and when you are happy you are just happy without even a good reason to be so, you just will be.

Participation open to to those who are invited by Roshi or who apply and are accepted by him.

During this retreat, there will be a public ceremony recognizing the Shiho transmission of four new Dharma successors of Genpo Roshi.

Early-bird discount available until March 29, 2019.
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