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ZENHUB aims at everybody interested in Zen and its history and tradition. This website portrays the tradition of Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi Roshi and D. Genpo Merzel Roshi. In particular, Zenhub gathers and depicts successors and communities in the Big Mind Big Heart International Community lineage of D. Genpo Merzel Roshi and invites you to join…




Genpo Roshi gives Inka to three of his Dharma successors – June, 26, 2018

Genpo Roshi has given Inka Transmission, conferring the title of Zen Master, on three of his Dharma successors in the Netherlands, June 2018:

Final Seal of Approval for Maurice Shonen Genko Knegtel

Shonen: True Thought
Genko:   Esoteric Light   

Beyond thought and no thought,     
Neither thought nor no thought,
Is where you shall find True Thought!

Given by
Soten Genpo
June 26, 2018


Final Seal of Approval for Niko Sojun Tenko Tydeman

Niko:  Broad Light
Sojun: Authentic Dharma
Tenko: Heavenly light

Broad light dims,
Authentic Patriarch dropped,
Heavenly light realized.

Given by
Soten Genpo
June 26, 2018


Final Seal of Approval for Tamara (Tammy) Myoho Tenshin Gabrysch

Myoho:  Subtle Dharma
Tenshin:  Zenith

Subtle Dharma

Given by
Soten Genpo
June 26, 2018

New Zen River Branch:

Zen Boat Inauguration

On Sunday, May 13, Tenkei Roshi officiated the inauguration of the Zen Boat in Groningen as a branch temple of Zen River. Senseis Senko and Jifu live there as resident teachers, while Doin and Ranka also conduct classes regularly.

Zen Boat Inauguration
Zen Boat Inauguration

From the May 2018 Zen River Update:

We are very happy to announce that the transfer of the Zen Boat – the beautiful houseboat in the centre of Groningen that our dear late friend and member Janneke Guermonprez bequeathed to Zen River – has finally received full legal status. It has taken some time because we had to wait for the local government to grant us the required mooring licence. But all the documents have now been completed and signed. This also means that Senseis Senko de Boer and Jifu Vulink, who were already provisionally living on the boat, can now really move over and step up the Zen Boat’s meditation programme. This marks the start of a whole new development for the sangha. Tenkei Roshi will officially inaugurate the Zen Boat at the end of a Weekend Sesshin there, on May 13 at 16:00 h, followed by a festive reception.

Mary Ellen Seien Sloan receiving Shiho

Mary Ellen Seien Sloan receiving Shiho from Genpo Merzel Roshi

Mary Ellen Seien Sloan receiving Shiho from Genpo Merzel Roshi Mary Ellen Seien Sloan received Dharma transmission (Shiho) in both the Zen and Big Mind lineages from Genpo Merzel Roshi. The public acknowledgment ceremony was held on Sunday, September 24th in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Episcopal Church Conference Center. This makes Mary Ellen Seien Sloan, Sensei, the 82nd Patriarch in the line of the Buddhas and Ancestors. Seien became Genpo Roshi’s 17th successor.

Congratulations and a wonderful flowering!