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Welcome to – ZENHUB aims at everybody interested in Zen and its history and tradition and connects you to 2500 years of experience.
This website is operated by and portrays the tradition of Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi Roshi and D. Genpo Merzel Roshi. In particular, Zenhub gathers and depicts successors and communities in the Kanzeon. Inc. | Big Mind International Zen Community lineage of D. Genpo Merzel Roshi and invites you to join…

The table below – which can be sorted and filtered – gives an overview of the teachers of the Genpo Merzel lineage. This website is a work in progress and will be updated continuously. We make every effort, but cannot guarantee that all information is correct.

TeacherTitleGenerationSangha / GroupCountryLocationSuccessor to
Dennis Genpo MerzelRoshi0 FounderKanzeon Big Mind Zen
USAInternationalTaizan Maezumi Roshi
Catherine Genno PagèsRoshi1Dana SanghaFranceParis MontreuilGenpo Merzel Roshi
John Shodo FlattSensei1(deceased)EnglandGenpo Merzel Roshi
Anton Tenkei CoppensRoshi1Zen River TempleThe NetherlandsUithuizenGenpo Merzel Roshi
Malgosia Jiho BraunekRoshi1(deceased - | Bydgoszcz | LublinGenpo Merzel Roshi
Daniel Doen SilberbergRoshi1Lost Coin ZenUSASan FranciscoGenpo Merzel Roshi
Niko Tenko TydemanRoshi1Zen Centrum AmsterdamThe NetherlandsAmsterdamGenpo Merzel Roshi
Nancy Genshin GabryschRoshi1Kannon-jiEnglandBilsborrowGenpo Merzel Roshi
Diane Musho HamiltonRoshi1Two Arrows ZenUSASalt Lake CityGenpo Merzel Roshi
Michael Mugaku Zimmerman
Roshi1Two Arrows ZenUSASalt Lake CityGenpo Merzel Roshi
Rich Taido ChristoffersonSensei1Trikaya Zen CenterUSATacomaGenpo Merzel Roshi
Michel Genko DuboisRoshi1Zen - voie du coeurFranceParis MontreuilGenpo Merzel Roshi
Tamara Myoho GabryschRoshi1Zen River TempleThe NetherlandsUithuizenGenpo Merzel Roshi
Maurice Shonen KnegtelRoshi1Stichting IzenThe NetherlandsAmsterdamGenpo Merzel Roshi
KC Kyozen SatoRoshi1Hermitage Without WallsUSASt. GeorgeGenpo Merzel Roshi
Judi Kanchi WarrenSensei1(deceased)USALahainaGenpo Merzel Roshi
Mark Kanchi EstermanRoshi1Salt Lake Zen GroupUSASalt Lake CityGenpo Merzel Roshi
Mary Ellen SeiEn SloanSensei1USASalt Lake CityGenpo Merzel Roshi
Christian Jikishin von WolkahofSensei1Kanzeon Sangha GermanyGermanyDüsseldorfGenpo Merzel Roshi
Lynn Shozen HolbrookSensei1USASalt Lake CityGenpo Merzel Roshi
Stefan Kenjistu CoppensSensei1Kanzeon Zen CentrumThe NetherlandsBerlicumGenpo Merzel Roshi
Krzysztof Furyu LeśniakSensei1PolandLublinGenpo Merzel Roshi
Hank Yoshin MalinowskiSensei1The NetherlandsAmsterdamGenpo Merzel Roshi
Jacqueline Shosui WellensteinSensei1The NetherlandsVoorburgGenpo Merzel Roshi
Alexandra Mushin GerickeSensei1BelgiumGhentGenpo Merzel Roshi
Amy Tu Es Cela HollowellRoshi2Wild Flower ZenFranceParisCatherine Genno Pagès
Frank De WaeleRoshi2Zen SanghaBelgiumGhentCatherine Genno Pagès
Corinne Joie Partagée FrottierSensei2GenjoAnGermanyHamburgCatherine Genno Pagès
Michel Plein Ciel OlthetenSensei2Zen Heart SanghaThe NetherlandsThe HagueCatherine Genno Pagès
João Cœur Éveillé RodriguesSensei2Dana SanghaFranceParis MontreuilCatherine Genno Pagès
Tania TurnerSensei2Wholehearted Zen SanghaEnglandRichmond, SurreyCatherine Genno Pagès
Scott WilliamsSensei2Hazy Moon SanghaEnglandEdenthorpe, DoncasterCatherine Genno Pagès
Peter Gakudo den HollanderSensei2KeiryujiSpainCamprodonAnton Tenkei Coppens
Anja Koren KasmanSensei2(Keiryuji (deceased))SpainCamprodonAnton Tenkei Coppens
Simon Senko de BoerSensei2Zen Boat GroningenThe NetherlandsGroningenAnton Tenkei Coppens
Robert Doin van de RoerSensei2Zen River TempleThe NetherlandsUithuizenAnton Tenkei Coppens
Helma Jifu VulinkSensei2Zen Boat GroningenThe NetherlandsGroningenAnton Tenkei Coppens
Jorge Ryusho Lopez DorigaSensei2Zen River GroupsSpain | Peru | ThailandMadrid | Lima | BangkokAnton Tenkei Coppens
Hans Daishin FischerSensei2Zen River Groep ZutphenThe NetherlandsZutphenAnton Tenkei Coppens
Ingrid Ranka du HulluSensei2Zen River TempleThe NetherlandsUithuizenAnton Tenkei Coppens
Rein Konpo KaalesRoshi2USAPocatelloDaniel Doen Silberberg
Rebecca Ryuen Long OkuraSensei2Lost Coin ZenUSADaniel Doen Silberberg
Volker Joen JungSensei2Lost Coin Zen (Düsseldorf)GermanyDüsseldorfDaniel Doen Silberberg
Joke Dajun HuibertsRoshi2ZenPunt Meditatiecentrum HaarlemThe NetherlandsHaarlemNiko Tenko Tydeman
Meindert Mu Sho van den HeuvelRoshi2Zen in de Roos and Zen Centrum AmsterdamThe NetherlandsAmsterdamNiko Tenko Tydeman
Gretha Myoshin Jikai AertsRoshi2Zenrotterdam and Zen in BergenThe NetherlandsRotterdam | BergenNiko Tenko Tydeman
Cornelia Gyokoshin WierengaSensei2Zen Centrum AmsterdamThe NetherlandsAmsterdam | UtrechtNiko Tenko Tydeman
Daan Zazen Shin de BruijnSensei2ZenPunt Meditatiecentrum HaarlemThe NetherlandsUtrechtNiko Tenko Tydeman
Willem Kando Kaishin ScheepersSensei2Zentrum.nlThe NetherlandsUtrechtNiko Tenko Tydeman
Jan Mukan KlungersSensei2Zen in SallandThe NetherlandsSallandNiko Tenko Tydeman
Dick Butsugen VerstegenSensei2Zencentrum NijmegenThe NetherlandsNijmegenNiko Tenko Tydeman
Lolit Abhaya ten HengelSensei2Zen Centrum AmsterdamThe NetherlandsAmsterdamNiko Tenko Tydeman
Maria Ryuzen Muki LemaireSensei2The NetherlandsAmsterdamNiko Tenko Tydeman
Jacky Shobogendo DemmersSensei2ZenPunt Meditatiecentrum HaarlemThe NetherlandsAmsterdamNiko Tenko Tydeman
Marieke Virya HeijmanSensei2Zen Centrum AmsterdamThe NetherlandsAmsterdamNiko Tenko Tydeman
Ben Verlichtende Natuur ScheresSensei2Niko Tenko Tydeman
Martin Myoki PolSenseiNiko Tenko Tydeman
Julia Jinne VeldkampSensei2Zen Centrum AmsterdamThe NetherlandsAmsterdamNiko Tenko Tydeman
Rob Daigan Riki EckhartSensei2Niko Tenko Tydeman
Ronald Keiyaku UijtdehaageSensei2ZendoenThe NetherlandsGoudaNiko Tenko Tydeman
Ben Hui-Chao ClaessensSensei2Enso - Zen CircleThe NetherlandsHofstedeMaurice Shonen Knegtel
Joa ScetbonSensei3Wild Flower ZenFranceParisAmy Tu Es Cela Hollowell
Hildegard Vajra-Herz LauthSensei3GenjoAn und Psychotherapie-ZenGermanyWiesau/OberpfalzCorinne Joie Partagée Frottier
Leo Ahimsa Sumitra HuijgSensei3Zenrotterdam and Ahimsa-ZenThe NetherlandsRotterdamGretha Myoshin Jikai Aerts
Marli Jifu Daigen LindeboomSensei3ZenrotterdamThe NetherlandsRotterdamGretha Myoshin Jikai Aerts

On Sunday September 25th
We will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Zen River Temple
And you are heartily invited to join us all!

The program starts at 11:30 AM with a memorial service dedicated to Maezumi Roshi and Hojo-san around the stone pagoda in the back garden. A few weeks ago we buried a small urn with ashes of Maezumi Roshi there during an intimate ceremony led by Genpo Roshi. We had received this urn from Hojo-san not long before he passed away. We are still waiting for an urn with some of his own ashes and we hope it will arrive in time for this memorial service.

After the service there is time scheduled for impromptu speeches and congratulatory remarks. Around 1:30 PM a festive snack lunch will be served followed by various musical performances. The program will conclude around 5:00 PM.

Catherine Genno Roshi, Michel Genko Roshi, Nico Sojun Roshi, Joke Heldere Dharmatraan Roshi, all successors of Tenkei Roshi, Acharya Han de Wit, Anne Veen, Rev. Shuho Go, and several other teachers, members, and friends have already confirmed their attendance.

If you would also like to join this special event, please contact the office a.s.a.p.

In August of 2022, Mushin (Alexandra Mushin Gericke, Sensei) received Shiho (Dharma Transmission) from Genpo Roshi in Germany and has since started the No Mind Zendo.

She was born and grew up in Southern Germany. She skied for the German national youth team, earning her a scholarship for the University of Utah. While coming to Salt Lake City to study Psychology in 1994, she also had her first encounter with Zen practice at the Kanzeon Zen Center.

Wanting to study with her teacher, Soten Genpo Roshi, she became a resident Kanzeon in 1996. Living there for eight years, she trained in both the more traditional forms of Zen as well as in Roshi’s Big Mind process. She received Shukke Tokudo (Ordination) in 1998 and served as Roshi’s attendant for many years, becoming Hoshi (Lineage Holder) in 2002 and receiving Denkai in 2006.

Since 2008, she has been married to Belgian Zen teacher Frank De Waele Roshi. They live in Ghent with their two daughters. She also trained in body awareness practices like Feldenkrais and Focusing and is working as a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher.

In Memory of Ekyo Maezumi

Ekyo-San Maezumi died peacefully on Sunday April 10, 2022,
at her home in California.

Ekyo was the wife of our late esteemed teacher Maezumi Roshi.
They were married in 1975, and have three children,
Kyrie, Yoshi and Yuri, and one grandchild.  

She was a pioneer in Western Zen, the backbone of the Sangha,
and supportive of all.

Her death marks the end of an era and is an offering
for the healing of the White Plum Sangha.

She was loved and will be greatly missed.

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