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Helma Jifu Vulink, Sensei | II. Generation


Helma Jifu Vulink studied literature and theater in Amsterdam, her hometown. She set up her own company and worked for many years as an actress and drama­ teacher, especially focusing on communication training. Meanwhile, she raised a family and is the mother of one adult son and an adopted daughter. Jifu started Zen practice with Tenkei at Zen River in 2003 and moved in as a full­-time resident a few years later. Having received Shukke Tokudo in 2007, she served as Shuso in 2010 and later again in 2013 with Seido Suzuki Roshi in the position of Jokeshi during her Hossenshiki. Jifu’s functions at Zen River are flexible and manyfold. Besides being the yoga teacher during daily excercise classes, she works in maintenance and gardening. Moreover, she is greatly appreciated as the primary stand-in tenzo of Zen River whenever Myoho is not available. She’s our go-to party dish expert, serving up yummy tapas of every kind. Last but not least, Jifu is the indispensable soprano in the recently formed Zen River choir. She received Shiho from Tenkei in January 2014 with Musai from Santa Fe as Kyojushi. Alongside the other four Shiho recipients, she has started giving classes in a houseboat in the nearby university town of Groningen. She participated in Soto Ango training in Toshoji in the Winter of 2014/2015.

For the time being Jifu Sensei is at home at Zenriver Temple: