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Simon Senko de Boer, Sensei | II. Generation > Successor to Tenkei Coppens Roshi

Simon Senko de Boer, Sensei

Simon Senko de Boer studied political science at the University of Amsterdam and for some fifteen years was employed by a non-profit organization in The Hague as a manager for community building and environmental awareness. He started Zen practice when he met Tenkei during a workshop in 2000 and, inspired to help build up Zen River, became a resident in 2003. He pretty much immediately found his niche as an enthusiastic gardener and took on the temple grounds as his main field of work-practice. One of his creations is a well-tended garden that provides fresh vegetables for the sangha. Senko received Shukke Tokudo in 2005 and was Shuso in 2008. He was Shuso again in 2012 with Rev. Yasunori Hosokawa as Jokeshi for his Hossenshiki. In 2013 he went to Japan to attend the Toshoji Winter Ango led by Abbot Seido Suzuki Roshi. (Tenkei and Myoho had made a connection with Seido Roshi in Japan and were surprised to find out that he was good friends with Hojo-san and had also known Maezumi Roshi well.) After receiving Shiho in January 2014 with Nico Tydeman as Kyojushi, Senko has lectured at several venues and is now looking for ways to integrate his earlier career into his practice. Among other things he is the main contact person for other Buddhist groups in the area.

For the time being Senko Sensei is at home at Zenriver Temple: