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Hans Daishin Fischer, Sensei

Hans Daishin Fischer was born in Eibergen, The Netherlands. He first received a technical education but then changed studies and became a social worker employed by the local government. Dissatisfied with his life he quit his job and went travelling for one year, visiting Israel, Egypt, India, Nepal and Myanmar. When he returned he took on various jobs eventually working in a mental hospital, organizing educational activities for the patients. In 1989 Daishin started Zen meditation and met Genpo Roshi two years later during a sesshin. Zen practice quickly became his highest priority; he did as much training as possible within his social circumstances, studying also with Genno Pages, Nico Tydeman, and finally with Tenkei. In 1994 he met his second wife with whom he still lives together in Zutphen, a historic town along the river IJssel. In 1999 he received Jukai from Genpo Roshi who gave him the dharma name Daishin.

When he, in 2001, heard that Tenkei and Tammy were planning to start a residential practice center in The Netherlands, he immediately joined their team and even helped search for a suitable property. As soon as Zen River opened he asked Tenkei to become his second teacher, which had the full approval of Genpo. Daishin has been instrumental in setting up Zen River, not only because of his social skills but also his technical expertise. The building needed renovation in all departments and he quickly developed himself as the master electrician, replacing all the visible and invisible wires in the building and bringing light everywhere. Since 2007 he lives three days a week at Zen River and attends most sesshins and month-long retreats. In 2007 he also completed a Lay-Ango as Head-trainee and in 2008 received Hoshi. Daishin leads the Zen River group Zutphen and, since dharma transmission, started to conduct workshops in various locations in The Netherlands and Germany.

Zutphen Zen River Group, Hans Fischer, Tel.nr.: 0575-546647. Email: fischer.h@tiscali.nl

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